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Raw material

Britain and European biomass

Raw material

Full utilisation of raw materials

The Ensus biorefinery transforms all raw material components into valuable products. The starch content is fermented into ethanol - proteins, fats, fibres and other important components are contained in the Ensus DDGS animal feed. The released biogenic CO2 is used in beverages and food. Biomass and plants absorb CO2 during their growth, so that no more CO2 is released than was previously bound. A sustainable cycle is created.

Grain in feed quality

The Ensus plant uses over one million tonnes of feed grain per year, which is sourced in the UK and across Europe. Feed wheat is grown and used for animal feed due to its higher yield potential, but lower quality and it is therefore not suitable for food production. The UK and Europe are ideally suited to feed wheat production and produce a surplus for export.

Closing the European protein gap

Feed wheat production is a highly efficient use of agricultural land, producing almost as much protein per hectare as soy but converting twice as much of the sun's energy to plant energy, and storing the excess as starch which is readily converted to biofuel. This not only supplies the domestic fuel market with sustainable ethanol, but also reduces soy imports from overseas and strengthens the European supply of proteins for livestock feed.

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