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Sustainable biorefinery


Ensus operates one of Europe's largest production plants for renewable ethanol at Wilton on Teesside in Northeast England.

What we stand for

Sustainable, renewable products made from biomass – that is what Ensus stands for. Our products contribute to a climate-friendly world and ensure that fossil carbons remain in the ground permanently and do not continue to drive climate change.

Our vision of a climate-friendly world

"Our vision is a climate friendly world in which renewable resources are key to ensuring the welfare of today's and future generations." 

Renewable products made from biomass

In our biorefinery, raw materials are completely utilized. British and European grain in feed quality is refined to produce over 400 million litres of renewable ethanol and 350 thousand tonnes of high protein animal feed (DDGS). Up to 250 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide from the production process is cleaned and liquefied each year by a partner company to be used in drinks and food production or for industrial and medical gases.

With our sustainable local products, we contribute to supply security and step up to climate change. For example, in roadtransport where cars now run on petrol with 10% renewable ethanol and thus reduce their emissions.

Member of the CropEnergies Group

Since July 2013, Ensus has been a member of the CropEnergies Group. CropEnergies is part of Südzucker Group and the leading European manufacturer of sustainably produced renewable ethanol mainly for the fuel sector today. In four modern production facilities in Germany, Belgium, the UK and France, CropEnergies manufactures approximately 1.3 million cubic meters of ethanol per year. Besides renewable ethanol, the group processes the raw materials into more than 1 million tonnes of high-quality protein food and animal feed products per year. The highly efficient production facilities reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% across the whole value-added chain compared to fossil fuel.

Sustainability is key

Sustainability is the central element for Ensus. With our renewable products made from biomass, we reduce CO2 emissions, supply local markets, and ensure that fossil carbons remain in the ground permanently.

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Politics & Partners

For more information on the British and European ethanol industry, the introduction of E10 and policy frameworks, please click here:

Renewable Transport Fuel Association

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