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Biogenic CO2

For the food, beverage and healthcare industries

Biogenic CO2

CO2 as sustainable raw material

CO2 is unavoidable for many natural and technical applications. However, if it comes from fossil sources, it contributes to man-made climate change. Ensus UK Ltd has therefore been working for years on expanding the CO2 circular economy as an important contribution to climate-friendly production.

Biogenic CO2

The raw materials used by Ensus absorb CO2 from the atmosphere during growth. When converted into usable products such as ethanol and animal feed, biogenic CO2 is produced during sugar fermentation. This CO2 is captured, transferred and liquified by the Wilton-based company Nippon Gases, one of the leading producers of industrial and medical gases in Europe. This pure carbon dioxide meets the highest requirements of the food and healthcare industries. Overall, Ensus is aiming for complete use of natural raw materials.

Biorefineries: Sustainable CO2 circle


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