About RTFO and background

Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation Consultation

Thank you for your interest in Ensus and the renewable ethanol we produce. We would like to encourage our employees, suppliers, customers and those involved directly and indirectly in the farming and agricultural supply chain to lend your support and voice to a very important consultation taking place this January.
The proposal of the Department for Transport issued in 29th November 2016 included the setting of a very low crop based biofuel cap (very much below that being implemented in other countries) which puts at risk thousands of UK jobs, millions of pounds of income of farmers and over a billion pounds of UK investment in bioethanol production, plus would increase the need to import protein animal feeds. We need your help in explaining to the government what the potential impact of this will be not only on the UK's bioethanol industry but also on the broader farming and agricultural community on which it relies.
Your help
It is very important that we ensure that the Government Ministers responsible for our transport policy understand that the cap needs to be set at a higher level that allows bioethanol a real opportunity to contribute fully to decarbonising our transport sector, provide high grade technical jobs, support arable farmers, as well as provide a very important feed to our dairy and feedstock farmers. We also need to get the message across that more ambitious targets are needed and should be set for post 2020 to 2030 and that the development fuel target should be additional to the base line RTFO target.
Who you should write to and when is the deadline
The deadline is 22nd January 2017 and therefore we encourage you to get your voice heard as soon as possible.
We have attached a set of draft template letters tailored for employees, farmers, suppliers and other interested parties.
You are free to amend and we would encourage you to send a copy of it to your local MP who you can find easily on the following link https://www.writetothem.com/ . If you would prefer to send a personal letter, if should be addressed to:
Michael Wright, Department for Transport, Greater Minister House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR or send an email to: LowCarbonFuel.Consultation@dft.gsi.gov.uk


The Department for Transport issued in December 2016 a consultation on its plans to increase the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation and to further introduce amendments to lower the potential risks of using crop based biofuels and increase support for waste based biofuels. Ensus welcomes the UK Governments efforts to continue to decarbonise the transport sector and the clear acknowledgement in the consultation of the real benefit that UK bioethanol and animal feed produced at the Ensus facility in the North East of England can deliver. Unfortunately despite the consultation containing a number of elements which we fully support (e.g. a trajectory to 2020 and clear support beyond 2020 to 2030) and some elements which we believe need minor amendment (e.g. development fuel targets should be in addition to base targets) the consultation sets a very low crop cap level, primarily to try an prevent the use of crop based biodiesel. The level of the crop cap proposed however is very likely to put at risk over a billion pounds of UK investment in bioethanol production, increase the need to import protein animal feeds and put at risk thousands of UK jobs.

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